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Quality Care Insight

Value-Based Purchasing Analytics

Quality Care Insight: Transforming State Healthcare with Breakthrough Analytics

The cost of healthcare in the United States continues to rise. Between an aging population; misaligned incentives for fee-for-service healthcare models; lack of health data availability for patients, consumers and physicians; and medical fraud, waste and abuse; per capita costs were projected to rise by 5.3 percent in 2015. How do federal, state and local governments reduce healthcare costs without sacrificing quality of care? Through the use of data analytics tools, providers, payers and government healthcare organizations can expand their insights and develop new, innovative healthcare and payment models. Data analytics offer new capabilities to control costs and improve quality of care, allowing state governments and healthcare providers to: 

  • Identify the most high risk populations and prioritize preventative care
  • Integrate new sources of health data to build a more complete medical history for patients
  • Compare the most effective treatments for chronic conditions
  • Empower providers to benchmark and evaluate the relative cost of care provided

By leveraging valuable, meaningful health data, providers, payers and policymakers can easily and accurately evaluate and improve their systems of care, improving healthcare quality and reducing costs. This advanced analytics tool, Quality Care Insight, helped the state of Arkansas save $720 million (within three years) and successfully enact a statewide payment reform initiative that incentivizes providers to deliver quality care.

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