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Rising Anxiety Over Ransomware Attacks

By: Tobias Naegele, April 13, 2016

Rising sophistication in ransomware attacks is ratcheting up anxiety across government, law enforcement and industry, as attackers grow increasingly adept at worming their way into modern networks.

The March 28 attack on the MedStar Health chain of Maryland hospitals and healthcare facilities exploited an apparent weakness in network management software by using a software tool designed for cyber defense. Once inside the network, attackers were able to deploy malicious code, encrypting the hospital’s data and holding it hostage until a ransom was paid. 

Though such attacks have been around for years, they’ve gained notoriety in recent months as higher-profile targets like hospitals and local police departments have come to light.

But while ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated in nature, officials say perpetrators don’t necessarily show signs that they’re zeroing in on particular targets.

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Tony Tulio, Senior Manager, Information Security and Privacy, General Dynamics Health Solutions

Smaller organizations may be at greater risk than larger ones because they may lack the resources to maintain strict configuration and patch controls."

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