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A Conversation With Dr. John Maguire

December 2015

DR. AGWUNOBI: Dr. Maguire, you have quite an exciting background. I have to tell you it’s also very exciting to see that people like yourself, practicing physicians, are part of the General Dynamics Health Solutions team. I know that General Dynamics Health Solutions has been a major leader in healthcare technology for over 50 years. I also know that given the current revolution of healthcare technology, these must be very exciting times for you.

DR. MAGUIRE: I have a tremendous degree of interest in doing something new. I’ve been working in clinical medicine for quite a few years, running emergency departments, working on hospital-wide quality initiatives and taking care of patients in the ED. However, I felt like it was time to do something different, and I was really excited to join General Dynamics Health Solutions.

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Dr. John Maguire, Chief Medical Officer, General Dynamics Health Solutions

There is tremendous opportunity to use technology to monitor and control parts of their own health, creating a much more engaged group of healthy patients.

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