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2017 FedHealthIT Award

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Virtual Data Center Cloud Computing Services (VDC CCS) program was conceived to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting solution that enforces adherence to CMS architectural and security standards. The transitive routing solution remains the first of its kind to be implemented within AWS. This approach supports connectivity to the program’s shared services at lower costs and simplifies connectivity across AWS and CMS data centers.

The VDC CCS program aims to maintain flexibility to enable near-immediate provisioning of infrastructure to support agile software development and DevOps operations for CMS applications. Leveraging General Dynamics Health Solutions’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service and utilizing AWS as a public cloud enables CMS near-unlimited capacity of infrastructure that is pay-per-use, rather than owned.

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About the award

The FedHealthIT Innovation Awards recognize 25 of the top Federal Health leaders who take on achievable risk to deliver real results in support of their mission.

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